XL Screen Streamer for Mac beta 1 is now available!

You can now share your Mac OS X desktop over the Internet or your Local Area Network with anyone using a javascript enabled web browser.  XL Screen Streamer for Mac brings the same powerful streaming technology used in the Windows version to your OS X computer.

Current features include:

  • Full screen or defined region sharing.
  • Built-in web server.
  • Configurable image compression.
  • Powerful javascript based client viewer.
  • Works on any javascript enabled browser on every operating system including iOS and Android devices.

Learn more about XL Screen Streamer for Mac.

XL Screen Streamer for Mac is currently in beta. This means that there may still be bugs in the program. We are offering it to users so that we can find all the remaining bugs and fix them before the official release. We are offering an incredible 50% discount to anyone who purchases during the beta period.

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