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A new version of XL Delete is now available.  This update adds new retry logic to our wipe engine.  This will allow XL Delete to better handle files that are locked or in use by another process.

We have also added a new “Delete Only” wipe type.  This type will remove a file without actually securely wiping the file contents.  This is the fastest but least secure wipe type.  Use it only on files that contain no sensitive information, such as casual web browsing history.

Changes and Fixes:

  • Wipe engine will now automatically retry to delete a file that has failed to delete due to it being locked or in use by another process.
  • Added “Delete Only” wipe type.
  • Option to log date and time stamps in status log.
  • System cleaner updated for latest version of Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer.
  • Windows 7/8 taskbar progress bar will now display correctly.
  • Diagnostic tool can now clean up any temporary files that may have been left over by a failed wipe process.

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Download the upgrade now (includes a 14-day trial).

Existing customers can upgrade for free, simply download the new version and install over the old version.

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