Hello everyone.  A new version of XL Screen Streamer is now available.

New features and changes:

  • Added support for IPv6.  You can now run your server with a local IPv6 address.
  • Tray icon menu can now start the server in Regular, SSL, and FTP mode.

Learn more.

Order your copy today! Purchase online here.

Download the upgrade now (includes a 30-day trial).

Existing 2.x customers can upgrade for free, simply download the new version and install over the old version.


  • Sometimes it take a while for XL Screen Stream to load, although I can see the process running in the Task Manager. Other times I will double click the icon and the application window will immediately appear. Is there anything I can do to stop this loading lag? Thanks.

    • Hi Clark,

      That is not normal, XL Screen Streamer should load up in a couple of seconds. I responded to the support ticket you submitted concerning this issue.

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