XL Share Board 3.0 is now available. Now with support for Rich Text Format, marking items as favorites, and much more!

XL Share Board allows you to quickly share text and images from your clipboard history or files and folders that you specify using a simple drag and drop interface across all Windows and macOS computers on your network. Share between Windows and macOS computers instantly without having to set up any network sharing folder.

XL Share Board for Windows
XL Share Board for macOS (Dark Mode)


  • New: Support for Rich Text Format (RTF)
  • New: Mark items as favorites, favorites will stay at the top of the list.
  • New: Faster handling for encrypted items.
  • New: Option to automatically save items every 5 minutes.
  • New: Added menu option to copy formatted text or plain text only.
  • New: Text items are now compressed to speed up network sharing.
  • New: External large text items are now converted to local large text items once the data is fetched from the external computer.
  • New: Date and time information is now transferred with each item.
  • New: Marking external large text as a favorite will cause the item to be converted into a local large text item.
  • New: Updated icons and list style.
  • New: Support for Dark Mode. (macOS Only)
  • Fix: You can no longer open two instances of the program. (Windows Only)
  • Fix: Removed error message associated with start up items when the application is not in the /Applications folder (macOS Only)
  • Fix: Refreshing duplicate items could cause a crash while in the middle of a search.
  • Fix: Full images are now saved instead of just a 32 x 32 thumbnail.
  • Fix: Multiple error message boxes can pop up.
  • Fix: Encryption option could turn on automatically from the preferences window.

Feature Highlights

New Rich Text Format (RTF) support! You can now copy and paste formatted text between Windows and macOS. RTF items will display a red and blue styled icon. You can right click on the entry and choose to copy the formatted or plain text version.

Mark items as favorites to keep on top of the list. Right click on an entry and choose Mark as Favorite.

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