We are excited to announce version 3.0 of UPnP Wizard. This version adds a brand new UPnP library that adds support for new routers and improves compatibility with multiple network interfaces and other more complex router configurations.

We’ve also added a new status bar to display the UPnP device name and IP address and the router’s external IP address. You also have the option to swap back to the legacy UPnP library using the “Enable Legacy Mode” option. This will allow you to continue using UPnP Wizard if you run into any issues with the new library.


  • Added new UPnP library with support for many new routers.
  • Added status bar to display UPnP device information and external IP.
  • Added option to swap back to legacy UPnP library.
  • Added command line option to display the external IP address.
  • Added command line options to use legacy UPnP library.
  • Fixed resizing display issue with port mappings list.

The command line version has also been updated with the new library and new options have been added to use the legacy version if needed.

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