Happy New Year everyone!

XL Share Board 3.1 is now available. This version includes several bug fixes and improves support for storing images.

New option to save images copied to clipboard.


  • New: Option to ignore images when saving local items.
  • Fix: RTF text could be skipped while saving local items.
  • Fix: Local items could fail to save.
  • Fix: Encoding issue when loading the item list.
  • Fix: Invalid local items list could prevent the application from loading.
  • Fix: Max items setting was ignored while a search was active.
  • Fix: Search box on did not scale properly. (macOS Only)
  • Fix: Running multiple instances generated an error message. (Windows Only)

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Download the update now (includes a 30-day trial).

Existing customers can upgrade for free, simply download the new version and install over the old version.

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