XL Delete 3.0 is now available for download. This version adds SSD detection, file in use detection, and an updated user interface.

XL Delete is a powerful secure delete tool that will permanently remove files and folders. Protect your privacy and prevent data forensic software from recovering your files.

XL Delete Updated UI


  • Added SSD detection and warning message.
  • Added option to remove items in the delete verify dialog.
  • Added option to not try to remove failed cleaner files on reboot.
  • Added option to show the process that’s locking a file in the log.
  • Updated project to use Microsoft .NET 4.7.1.
  • Updated UI.
  • Updated all network requests to use HTTPS.
  • Updated logging library.
  • Updated exception template.
  • Updated diagnostic tool to find registry issues.
  • Replaced icons.
  • Replaced Google+ social icon with Instagram.
  • Replaced C1 components with Microsoft.WindowsAPICodePack.
  • Replaced DevArt SqlLite components with System.Data.SqlLite components.
  • Improved compatibility with the latest Windows 10 release.
  • Improved file in use detection.
  • Improved context menu speed.
  • Improved failed files detection.
  • Improved security of the cryptographic random number generator.
  • Improved the scan speed when searching for files and folders to be deleted.
  • Improved system cleaner task support.
  • Improved logging for tasks triggered from the command line.
  • Fixed issue with Taskbar progress bar.
  • Fixed issue where failed files dialog could incorrectly list the parent folder when a single item was selected for delete.
  • Removed Safari cleaner options.
  • Failed files dialog now shows the process that’s locking a file.
  • Renamed “/ff” cleaner option to “/failed”.
  • Task items now prefix “XLDEL” to the name of any scheduled task that uses the Windows task scheduler.
  • System cleaner now shows the delete dialog when triggered from the command line, and there are no files/folders detected.

Feature Highlights

The Drive Tools will now detect solid-state drives (SSD) and warn against running operations that were designed for hard drive disks (HDD).

Drive Tools

All the tools have now been consolidated on the main XL Delete dialog.

The Long Path Tool scans directories for items that Windows refuses to delete because of long file names. This tool lets you solve these types of errors:

Long Path Tool

The Take Ownership Tool will fix file ownership problems and allow you to delete files and folders that are not owned by your Windows user account.

Take Ownership Tool

The System Cleaner securely removes your Internet browser history including cache and temporary files.

System Cleaner

There are many other fixes and improvements in XL Delete 3.

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This is a free upgrade for all existing XL Delete 2 users.

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