UPnP Wizard 3.1 is now available for download. This version improves the command line tool and fixes an issue that would cause port mappings to be disabled on some routers.


  • Added verbose command line option to display UPnP network request and response.
  • Fixed issue that would create a disabled port mapping on some routers.
  • Fixed issue that would prevent the command line tool from displaying the external IP address of some routers.
  • Updated command line version to print out the mappings enabled property.

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  • Please, add feature, to add presets, with many different ports or port ranges

    • Thank you for the suggestions. Port ranges are something that we are currently looking at.

  • Unfortunately, I get this message
    “an error occured while discovering the upnp device”
    I activated the upnp feature on the router!

    Device name: Huawei B525s-65a

    • Hi, did you try enabling legacy mode? If that does not work either it could be a compatibility issue with your network setup or router.

  • Nice

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