UPnP Wizard 3.2 is now available for download. This version improves support for multiple network interfaces. The new binding IP option can be changed to find and control multiple UPnP devices across your network. The command line version includes new scan, auto, and boundip options to take full advantage of the new multiple network interface improvements.


  • Added support for multiple network interfaces.
  • Added drop down to specify the binding IP address to use.
  • Improved error messages.

Command Line Changes:

  • Added scan option to search for and list all compatible UPnP enabled devices on the network.
  • Added boundip option to specify which IP address to use.
  • Added auto option to automatically find and use the first compatible UPnP enabled device.
  • Added option to remove a mapping by external port and protocol.
  • Replaced legacy options with new legacy flag.
  • Renamed listexternalip option to externalip.
  • Improved the information and error output.
  • Improved verbose output.

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