Welcome to XL Screen Streamer

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Welcome to XL Screen Streamer


XL Screen Streamer allows others to see your screen through their web browser in real time.  Its built-in streaming server allows you to create live screen streaming sessions for your sales or marketing presentations, web based training events, helpdesk remote support, or to help Mom set up her email account.


Why use XL Screen Streamer?

With XL Screen Streamer you can instantly create desktop streaming sessions and allow others to view what you see on your desktop in real time.  It is the perfect tool for instant sales presentations, product demos, live training, or to help friends and family remotely.  Two server modes allow you to run in self contained mode so the images go directly to your viewers from your own computer or to use an external web server by uploading the images via FTP/SFTP.


XL Screen Streamer is cheaper and more reliable than a web based desktop sharing provider.  There is no monthly fee and you get complete control since the streaming server runs on your computer.  Your viewers do not need to install any special plugin to be able to see your screen, the available javascript based client viewer works on most browsers on Windows, Linux, and OS X.  Viewers can even connect with a web-enabled PDA, Blackberry, or iPhone to view your screen.


Page url: http://www.xldevelopment.net/help/xlscreenstreamer/?welcome.htm