XL Share Board

XL Share Board Icon XL Share Board - Share your clipboard and files across your network.

  • Track clipboard history on Windows.
  • Track clipboard history on macOS.
  • Track clipboard history on macOS.


XL Share Board allows you to quickly share text and images from your clipboard history or files and folders that you specify using a simple drag and drop interface across all Windows and macOS computers on your network. Share between Windows and macOS computers instantly without having to set up any network sharing folder.

Download Download for Windows.

Download Download for macOS.

Free 30-day trial for Windows and Mac.

Why share your clipboard history?

Have you ever emailed yourself a piece of text that you wanted to get onto the computer across the room?

Had to set up a network sharing folder to transfer a file between two of your computers?

Had to dig through your bag looking for that USB drive to transfer a Word document from your work laptop to your home desktop computer?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then XL Share Board is the perfect solution for you. XL Share Board takes the pain away from having to share text and files between your computers. Just run on your Windows or macOS computers, and they will instantly find and start sharing with each other. You can then just copy the text that you want to share and it will show up on all the computers running XL Share Board on your network. You can also drag and drop any file or folder to the client, and they will be available for download on every other machine. There is no configuration needed, just run and share your clipboard history instantly.

Feature Overview

  • Monitors your clipboard and instantly shares any new text or image detected.
  • Keep a history of all the text and image entries on your clipboard.
  • Share files and folders.
  • Cross-platform, share your clipboard history on Windows and macOS.
  • Simple drag and drop interface.
  • Ability to encrypt communication on the network.
  • Offline mode, disables all network sharing to use XL Share Board as a local clipboard history tool.
  • Specify groups to create separate sharing groups within your network.
  • Licensed per user regardless of how many computers are on your network.
  • Flexible licensing, purchase a multi-platform or single-platform license.