XL Screen Streamer for Mac

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  • XL Screen Streamer for Mac
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XL Screen Streamer for Mac allows others to view your desktop online using any web browser. You can share the entire desktop or a specific region of the screen.


Free 30-day trial for macOS.

Why use XL Screen Streamer for Mac?

With XL Screen Streamer for Mac, you can instantly create screen stream sessions and allow others to view what you see on your desktop in real time. It is the perfect tool for instant sales presentations, product demos, live training, or to help friends and family remotely. You can even leave it running on your machine to monitor any activity while you are away.

Feature Overview

  • Use built-in web server.
  • Screen stream the entire desktop or specify a region.
  • Preview what your viewers will see.
  • Real-time transmission means viewers instantly see your screen with minimal lag.
  • Works behind the scenes and transmits anything you see on your desktop.
  • Cheaper than paying a monthly fee for an online web sharing service.
  • Share over the Internet or Local Area Network.
  • Your viewers don't need to install any special software.
  • Viewers can use any web browser on any operating system.
  • Stream to iPhone and Android mobile devices.

Detailed Features

Built-in Server

The streaming server is self-contained, it does not rely on any external server. This means screen images go directly to viewers from your computer. Other popular web-based screen sharing tools require images to go through their servers before they go to viewers. The direct connection to viewers means that there is no risk in sharing sensitive information.

Live Screen Stream

Share the entire desktop or a region of the desktop in real time. A viewer can connect to your streaming session using their regular web browser; they do not need to install any special software.

No Monthly Fee

Only pay once for your license key and create an unlimited number of screen streaming sessions for as long as you want. No need to worry about a time limit or pay a monthly fee.

Works Over the Internet and LAN

Screen stream over the Internet or Local Area Network.